Smarter Playlists Examples

Smarter Playlists is a web app that lets you build complex playlists by assembling simple components.

Here are some examples of how to do stuff with Smarter Playlists. Click on an example to open the program and try it for yourself.

Combine two playlists

In this examples, a new playlist is created by alternating between tracks from two Spotify playlists (Morning Commute and Your Favorite Coffeehouse). The resulting track stream is de-dupped to ensure that we don't hear the same song twice.

Ultimate coffee playlist

This program starts with the Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist but then doubles down on the chill by making every other song be by Ed Sheeran. To make sure nothing harshes my mello, I use a track filter to prevent any songs that are in My banned tracks playlist from getting onto the playlist. Finally, we de-dup the tracks to make sure we never play the same song twice.

Less Teen-Oriented New Music

This program creates a playlist of new music that is less teen-oriented by starting with Today's Top Hits and removing songs by any artists that are on the Teen Party or the Teen Pop! playlist.

Gothic Metal front-loaded with Ravenscry

This program starts with a Gothic Metal playlist and mixes in the top tracks from the band Ravenscry into the first songs in the playlist.

More Examples

Name Description Elems Components Used
Hello World My test example, it has lots of interesting data 4 SpotifyPlaylist, Sort